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Internet Services - There is an internet cafe located on Calle Madero next to Las Parras Tours. Ther is also another one located on Calle Juarez near Independencia.

Non Profit/Environmental

AsistED - AssistED is looking for solutions to help the small fishing communities, fish camps, and ranches survive while at the same time helping to restore a balance to the Sea of Cortez ecosystem * Loreto - US Tel: (619) 435-4098 * E-mail: info@educationbaja.org

Grupo Tortuguero - Dedicated to empowering people and their communities to conserve sea turtles, inspiring a revolution in our relationship with the ocean. We accomplish this by building a diverse conservation network to expand knowledge, develop innovative solutions and share them widely * San Diego, CA - US Tel: (619) 723-0700 - US Fax: (619) 374-7162
E-mail: prangel74@hotmail.com

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