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Loreto is a small, charming fishing town located midway on the Baja Peninsula bordering the Sea of Cortez. Dating back nearly 12,000 years,Loreto Loreto Mexico is considered the oldest human settlement on the Peninsula of Baja California. It was founded by Jesuit missionaries and it is home to the Mission de Nuestro Senora de Loreto. Thus making it is one of the oldest "California" missions. Today the mission building, dating from 1752, is still standing. Loreto is famous for being the first capital of the province of Las Californias from its founding until the capital was moved to Monterey on February 3. The town’s official slogan is “300 Years Old and Still Undiscovered,” developers wanted to turn Loreto Mexico into a mega-resort, however lack of popularity by residents and investors cancelled the plans. Loreto Baja has a quaint downtown area with shaded plazas and an attractive boardwalk referred to as “the malecon”, this is where locals and tourists enjoy strolling along the waterfront. Loreto is now a tourist resort, catering mostly to U.S. travelers; many of the American Tourists enjoy fishing in pangas for dorado and yellowtail...More about Loreto Baja California

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Loreto has long been regarded as one of the best places for fishing. Yellowtail, sailfish, marlin, wahoo, roosterfish, and dorado are abundant in the blue waters of the Sea of Cortez. Explore some of the 5 islands of the bay of Loreto National Marine Park. Other activities nearby include kayaking, scuba diving, golf, beachcombing or just relaxing and enjoying thespectacular scenery...More Activities in Loreto

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Mission de Nuestro Senora de Loreto
Loreto most famous attraction is the Mission de Nuestro Senora de Loreto, it is one of the oldest "California" missions. Today the mission building, dating from 1752, is still standing.This attraction has been made into a museum with documents that trace the city's history. Mexico recently created a National Marine Park in the Sea of Cortez just off the coast from Loreto in an effort to preserve the safety and variety of local marine life...More Loreto Attractions



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Since Loreto is a fishing town of course the most common dish is seafood especially the fish tacos, other dishes include authentic Mexican food and international cuisines...More information on Restaurants in Loreto

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Loreto Baja California offers deluxe accommodations as well as budget lodging. Most of the resorts in Loreto are all inclusive and provide a list of activities while you are staying there...More about Loreto